TradersStream is a social network service for users who are focused on the financial markets. Registered users consist of traders, investors, market professionals, analysts and public companies who produce streams via tweets that are viewed by others on social media platforms.

Registered users at TradersStream share real-time ideas pertaining to the financial markets and investments. Users on our network will decide to follow you based on the quality of your messages. Everyone will be able to read your message and will determine if you are someone they want to follow. The frequency of your posts along with the value of your messages will determine the number of users who will follow you or engage in conversations with you.

We welcome dialogue viewable to our worldwide financial community. Users on the TradersStream community frequently review new messages to determine their value. When users post successful trading ideas - traders, investors and entrepreneurs will follow and contribute to the conversation chain.

Engage with other users who comment on your posts. For you to maintain interest from others on the platform, we recommend you answer questions and respond to comments directed to you.

When you post a tweet about a specific asset, you need to enter the cashtag [$] in front of the symbol. Examples: $GOOG $YHOO $GBPUSD $YM

Refrain from bashing others. We maintain a fair playing field for all users and welcome open debates among users. Respect and you shall be respected.

If you joined TradersStream to simply promote your own website or product, or if you are only here to hype an asset you are stuck in, you’ll end up at the bottom of the list and no one will pay attention to you.

Uncooperative users who don’t play well with others will be asked to leave the sandbox.

Offensive, disrespectful or off topic messages will be deleted - as determined by staff of TradersStream. Where deemed necessary, user could face permanent suspension or a ban of their current or future account with TradersStream.